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2015-2019 Universal Studios Christmas O scale Train Display

2015-2019 Universal Studios Christmas O scale Train Display

Universal Studios was founded in 1912 and has made and endless amount of movies that is adored by millions from the Universal Studios Monsters to Jurassic World. The Universal Studios Christmas 0 scale train display is in tribute to the Theme park, the Studio, and the Christmas Holiday. There have already been many rides retired and there are attractions, characters, and movie cars to commerate those once cherished rides. Everything in the display is a universal property or related to the Christmas Holiday. All buildings were handmade and detailed to look like the actual building in the park or how it appeared in the movie. We are now going to take a tour around the Universal Studios O scale Train Display. One of the first attractions just like in the theme park is the entrance way to Universal Studios.

Entrance way to Universal Studios

The display lights up on the sides and the the Universal Studios Florida sign lights up.  Watch out for characters roaming around the gate for pictures. You might encounter the Gremlins and the terminator.

After you walk through the entrance way Harry Potter will greet you and take you on the Hogwarts Express to begin your tour of the Universal Studios Florida Theme Park.

Transformers 3D Ride

After you enter the entrance way at the beginning of the park, You will see the Transformers 3-D ride. BumbleBee, Optimus Prime, and Grimlock will take on an adventerous journey battling Megatron and the Decepticons.

Ghostbusters house

After your 3-D ride with the Transformers, You will see the Lagoon on your right. While you are walking near the lagoon be careful because there are rumors from other visitors that Jaws was sighted. On your left you will see the Ghostbusters house. Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore as your tour their new containment chamber with ghosts. Watch out for Zuul, Gozer and Slimer as they try to break out of the chamber!

Despicable Me 3D Ride

After the Ghostbusters tour, Gru and minions Paul, Stuart, Kevin, and Dave will take you on a fun filled adventourous tour through their house. Be careful Gru and the minions have a devious plan of turning you into a minion.

Simpson 3D Ride

The next attraction you will see is the simpsons house. You will meet Marge, Bart, Lisa, Homer and little Maggie as you take an adventourous ride through Springfield. You will meet Grandpa Simpson, Krusty the Clown and Willie.

Jurassic Park

The next stop is taking a frightful and terrifying ride with John Hammond, Ian Malcom and Alan Grant through Jurassic Park. They will greet you at the visitors center and tour the DNA chamber with Dr. Henry Wu. Something goes wrong while on your tour with security and have to find Dennis Nedry head of Jurassic Park security. They will take you on a mission to finding Dennis Nedry but you will have to go past the T-Rex cage! The Jurassic Park gate was made by Stan Starry Jr. from the Great Lakes Woodcarvers Club.

New Attractions for 2015

Mt. Crumpit

Take a journey to Whoville to save Christmas from the Grinch. As you ride up Mt. Crumpit, Beware of the Grinch he doesn’t like visitors. Mt. Crumpit is the Grinch’s lair and he will do anything to get rid of unwanted visitors even if it means pushing you off a 325ft.  cliff. You will also encounter Cindy Lou who who will be your guide as you go up Mt. Crumpit.

Shrek Castle

Shrek will take you on a 4-D adventure through his castle with his friends Donkey and Princess Fiona.  While on tour, Lord Farquaad has broken into the castle and has captured the Gingerbread man. Lord Farquaad has threatened to eat him. You have to save the Gingerbread man while on tour with Shrek.

Universal Studios Lagoon

Universal Studios Lagoon is located around some of the Universal Studios attractions. There are also some past and present movie props along Universal Studios Lagoon. While you are walking near the lagoon be careful because there are rumors from other visitors that Jaws was sighted.

 Jaws Ride

Join Sheriff Martin Brody on his boat in Amity Island as he searches for a Shark called Jaws. Jaws is attacking beach goers and Jaws needs to be stopped. You will encounter Mayor Larry Vaughn, Quint, Brody, and Matt Hooper from the Oceanic Institute on this wet and wild adventure to find Jaws.

Night Time At Universal Studios O Scale Train Display Theme Park

Thank You for Visiting Universal Studios O Scale Christmas Train Display Theme Park.  Come Back in 2019!