ambiance intrigue direct vent gas fireplace

Ambiance Intrigue Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Ambiance Intrigue Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

It’s no accident that the new Ambiance Intrigue caught your eye. You’re in extremely good company!

ambiance intrigue direct vent gas fireplaceInnovation and great design elements don’t happen by accident. Before we went to the drawing board, Ambiance Fireplaces consulted with over one hundred veteran fireplace shop owners from coast to coast asking two questions: “What refinements would you incorporate into the ultimate direct vent fireplace if you were designing it?” and, “if this direct vent fireplace were going into YOUR home, what would you have us do differently?” These veteran dealers eagerly contributed their best ideas, knowing the features their customers were seeking but simply could not find in one fireplace.

Two years later, after extensive research, design and engineering, the Ambiance Intrigue was born!

Ambiance Intrigue Direct Vent Gas Fireplace is loaded with special features:

  • The StepFyre burner – This innovative burner breakthrough puts glowing embers BELOW the fire where embers actually belong.
  • It’s the most realistic fire in the industry!
  • The eye appealing, 12 piece, hand-painted log set balances the flame and fills the firebox with satisfying ambiance.
  • Choose from 135 variations in fronts and finishes. One to suit any decorating scheme.
  • Bigger fire viewing area: 910 square inches of glass, it’s the biggest in its class!
  • An “Intuitive” IPI remote control. Truly easy to understand nd operate.
  • The Ecotel “green”, intelligent, thermostatic remote control automatically and efficiently keeps you comfortable with six automatic flame settings so you’ll burn less gas!
  • The firebox’s pleasing angles create a more refined “natural” feel of depth and height to the burn chamber.
  • This IPI ignition system provides an option for “direct spark” OR “standing pilot.”
  • A stand-by battery back-up that allows emergency operation during power outages.
  • Over 50% turn-down ratio for maximum fuel savings and comfort control.
  • Accent lights that adjust remotely to six different settings.
  • A remote control night light that operates independently of the burner.
  • Ultra-quiet, dual, remotely-controlled fans.
  • Refractory brick lining is included at no extra charge.
  • Flexible venting profiles permit vertical venting up to heights of 50′.
  • Efficiency rate: AFUE, Steady State, Canadian P-4, EnerGuide and Heater Rated.

The beauty of the Ambiance Intrigue direct vent gas fireplace literally stops you in your tracks! This is the ultimate gas fireplace!

Ambiance Intrigue Direct Vent Gas Fireplace