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What is a Gas Insert?

What is a Gas Insert?

Many customers come into our store looking for a ” gas insert “. Three main types of products could fall into this category. This article will help differentiate these three options.

Direct Vent Gas Inserts

ambiance inspiration mission gas inserts

Direct Vent Gas Inserts are complete fireplace units that slide into an existing masonry or prefabricated factory built fireplace. These inserts typically feature valve systems for simple ignition, remote controls, blowers, interior lighting, sealed ceramic glass windows and variable flame/ heat controls. Inserts also have several options to choose from. Including, decorative face plates, logs styles, and backgrounds.

The major benefit of direct vent gas inserts is the fact that the insert will pull outside air through a pipe lining the chimney and then exhausting outside through a second pipe in the chimney. The insert does not take any air from the home, it only provides heat.

Whereas, traditional open fireplaces can have efficiency ratings as low as 15% and can actually draw the heat from your furnace right out of your home, gas inserts can achieve efficiency ratings as high as 86%.

Direct vent inserts are the only true “inserts” in the fireplace industry. However, vent free gas logs and vented gas logs are also often called inserts.

Manufacturers of direct vent gas inserts include: Ambiance Fireplace, Fireplace Xtrordinair and Napoleon.

Gas Insert Diagram
How a direct vent insert works.

Vent-Free Gas Logssaratoga vent free gas logs american hearth

A vent-free gas log system uses room air for combustion and delivers 99.9% of the available heat energy directly to the room. Vent-Free systems have an unmatched safety record, thanks in part to their clean-burning technology and their Oxygen Depletion Sensor, which instantly shuts off the valve if oxygen in the room drops to an unsafe level. Vent Free logs can be installed into a UL listed and approved vent free rated fireplace or in a fully functioning masonry fireplace or in some factory built prefabricated fireplaces, according to the manufacturers directions.

Vent-Free systems are limited to 40,000 Btu and must be operated as supplemental heating sources in conjunction with a central furnace that circulates air. Vent-free log sets are not designed to burn as a sole heat source.

Advantages of Vent Free Logs:

  • Unmatched efficiency – 99.9%
  • Offers the most installation versatility
  • Usually less expensive to buy and to install
  • Can operate with a remote or thermostat

Quality vent-free gas insert manufacturers include: American Hearth & Ambiance Fireplaces.

Vented Gas Logs

country stove patio spa fireplace gas logs

Vented gas logs are the ideal product for people who are looking for the most realistic looking fire without the mess and hassle of burning wood. Vented gas logs are more realistic looking than vent free gas logs but are much less efficient. A majority of the heat vented gas logs product will go up the chimney similar to burning wood in an open fireplace.

Log placement is more flexible with vented gas logs where vent-free logs must be set up according to the manufacturer’s specific directions.

A second type of vented gas logs are Radiant Vented Gas Logs. Radiant vented gas logs provide the same realistic flame pattern as standard vented gas logs, but provide as much heat as vent-free gas logs into your home.

Vented Gas Log manufacturers include: Ambiance Fireplace, Best Fire, & Hargrove

Fill out our measurement chart & take pictures to show our salesmen your fireplace and they will help you determine what fireplace product is best suited for your home and needs.

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If you have had your barbecue for several years, time and your delicious grilled meals might have left their mark. How to know you need to change it? Here are 4 signs that do not lie and two options available in this situation.

No matter what type of grill, you must apply the same approach. Inspect your barbecue from the outside to the inside. A simple glance is enough.


When you will use your barbecue for the first time during spring, check the grates, especially if they are made of cast iron or chrome. With time and the use of a cover, moisture will likely build up inside your appliance. “We’ve always recommended people, even during winter, to leave their grill outside and not store it inside a shed since the moisture accumulation can lead major pieces to rust,” says François St-Martin, director of Maçonnex’s Stoves and Fireplaces Division.


  • Surface rust can be removed by brushing it.
  • The rust is so inlaid that the grid has expanded, even doubled in size. If so, maybe it’s time to change some parts or buy a new grill if you spot the signs of deterioration that follow.


Remove the grids and look at the heating parts. Just above the burners, you will find the deflector, the plate that spreads heat evenly. “When it’s punctured by rust, it’s not doing its job properly. It brings hotspots, that is to say, places where the temperature is much higher, “explains Mr. St-Martin.


Proceed your inspection with the burners. These are small tubes mainly made of stainless steel of good or poor quality depending on the grill. They are designed with small holes that let the gas out when needed. If these holes are enlarged or if they are so big that they now form only one hole, start shopping.


If you tend to use your appliances until the end and own an entry-level barbecue bought at a hardware store, the chances are high that the external structure reflects bad weather and the many times it has been burned. The lid and the pit punctured, the cart becomes a little unstable, and rust builds up.


The internal parts mentioned earlier can be replaced. Universal burners and grids fit in any appliance. As for the deflectors, it is often necessary to replace it with the company’s model because of their specific clamping systems. “But these are all temporary pieces to stretch the lifetime of a year or two,” says the director.

How much it costs to replace the grills and burner? For about $100, you will be able to use your barbecue for another 12 months. The burner will take a slightly larger share of your budget ($50), since grids can cost between $25 and $50, depending on the material. These amounts are valid for entry-level grills.

For higher quality barbecues, beyond the warranty, a burner and its chrome grate can cost, respectively, between $115 and $150, and $35 and $40. A regulator is approximately worth $20. Usually, for many appliances, stainless steel grids are covered by a lifetime warranty.

High-end grills’ durability tends to be significantly superior. A homeowner can spread the investment, $1,500 for example, over 10 to 15 years, and sometimes even more, while low-quality barbecues ($500 to $600) usually have a five years lifetime.

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Wood Stoves Burn Wood, NOT Money

Wood Stoves Burn Wood, NOT Money

Best Wood Stove ModelsModern wood stoves are energy efficient heating options for your home, and they can help you significantly cut the cost of utilities. Even the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that your money will NOT go up in smoke if you heat with a wood-burning stove.

Replacing pre-1990 wood stove models is strongly advised because the most modern versions that are EPA-approved use one-third less wood for the same amount of heat, are up to 50% more energy efficient, and cut back on the buildup of creosote, which helps to reduce the risk of hazardous chimney fires.

Zone Heating for Maximum Savings

A wood stove can provide plenty of heat for your home on the coldest winter days, but the heat generally benefits only the room it’s in. When you have a wood stove of the correct size and burn for maximum efficiency, it can provide toasty warmth from corner to corner, even if it’s in a very large room. The heat from a wood stove doesn’t travel down the hallway into bedrooms, for example, but that isn’t necessarily a problem. If you are really serious about cutting utility costs with wood-burning heat, zone heating is a wonderful option. Because pre-fabricated chimney pipes together with well-insulated wood-burning stoves make it possible to install the units almost anywhere, you can place a stove in virtually every room. Rather than keep the central heat running on wintry days, use the wood-burning stoves in whichever rooms are occupied.

Tips on Buying Wood Fuel

The wood you burn has a lot to do with how successful your experience is with your wood stove. The wood should be seasoned, which means it has been dried for somewhere between six months and a year and contains no more than 20% moisture. Green or unseasoned wood should never be burned because it’s extremely inefficient and greatly increases the amount of goopy, flammable creosote in the chimney flue.

There are many different variables that impact how much you pay for your firewood. Between two and five cords of wood are used in a typical heating season. Wood that is pre-cut, delivered, and stacked can cost somewhere between about $150 and $350 per cord. One way that you may get discounted firewood is by contacting local tree cutters, who will deliver the timber to your home. Because they save on landfill dumping fees and reduce the use of landfill, their cost savings could be passed on to you. Of course, if you harvest the trees on your own property, your savings will be much greater.

More Money-Saving Secrets

Top rated wood stovesMake your efforts to cut utility costs really count by sealing and insulting the crevices and cracks in your home. According to research, by burning wood in a modern wood stove, your annual heating costs could be cut between 10% and 40%, as compared with heating with an electric, fuel oil, or gas furnace. When buying a wood stove, check to see if there are any federal tax credits, which could save you some serious coin. If you ever sell your home, there is an excellent chance the increased value of your home will cover the cost of purchasing your wood-burning appliances.

A well-maintained wood stove improves money-saving capacity. Be sure to contact our chimney professionals for an annual inspection.

Wood Stoves Burn Wood, NOT Money

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12 Reasons to Install a Gas Fireplace in your Home

12 Reasons to Install a

Gas Fireplace in your Home

Ambiance Gas FireplaceGas fireplaces have become incredibly popular appliances for home heating. There’s actually good reason for all the hoopla. Check out the dozen good reasons to install a gas fireplace in your home, below:

1 – Minimal Maintenance. As compared with wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces require very little maintenance. Annual inspections are highly recommended for gas fireplaces, as with all solid fuel-burning appliances. The maintenance of a gas stove involves such things as cleaning valves and making sure fuel connections are in good condition. There’s no creosote to clean when you use a gas fireplace, which also simplifies maintenance.

2 – Venting Options. No chimney in your home? No problem. Gas fireplaces can be vented in a variety of convenient ways. Gas fireplaces and gas stoves can be vented directly through a wall.

3 – Ambiance. There is nothing to compare to the wonderful ambiance created by a fire in the fireplace. Gas fireplaces are different from wood-burning appliances, because they don’t actually burn wood, but the flames provide warmth and a cozy atmosphere, just the same. Decorating the hearth to create a certain celebratory mood is an American tradition, particularly during various holidays.

4 – Romantic. There is no need to go out somewhere to enjoy a romantic setting, if you have a gas fireplace in your home. Add a soft bear rug and all of the other benefits of these convenient-to-use appliances to the mix, and you’ve got a romantic getaway in whatever room your gas fireplace has been installed.

5 – Convenient to Use. Once the gas line is run in order to operate a gas fireplace, your fuel connection is all set. There is no way to compare the convenience of a gas fireplace with the hassles involved with wood-burning. While many don’t consider the steps to be a hassle, the need to cut wood, stack logs, dry out the firewood, and finally haul wood into your home is certainly a lot to do as compared to operating a gas fireplace.

6 – Simple to Start. Getting a fire started in a gas fireplace is as easy as using a remote control, turning on a switch, or adjusting a thermostat. The incredible convenience of gas fireplaces is among their most popular features.

7 – Zone Heating. You can cut off the central heating unit and zone heat your home in winter. With gas fireplaces, zone heating couldn’t be simpler. They provide sufficient heat to keep you warm wherever you are in the home, and the flames go to work instantly.

8 – Beautiful Options. Innovation in gas fireplace design is truly remarkable. The style and design options for gas fireplaces are numerous. You can install gas fireplaces conveniently in just about any wall. With some models and with proper installation, the gas fireplace can be installed in a wall and viewed from the rooms on either side. Instead of flames coming from realistic ceramic logs, you can choose a more modern look, such as flames dancing across glass or faux rocks.

9 – Add Home Value. The value of a home can be increased by anywhere between 6% and 12%, according to real estate research. As a home improvement project, installing a gas fireplace in your home is an excellent investment.

10 – Environmentally Friendly. Gas is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. There are fewer emissions in the air when you use gas, compared to other heating options. The efficiency ratings of gas appliances average about 80%.

ambiance fireplace insert11 – Versatile Installation. The above-mentioned venting options contribute to the benefit of versatile installation. Zero-clearance models are available, and they can safely be nestled against combustible materials. Due to their versatility, installation of a gas fireplace is possible just about anywhere, as long as there is a gas line to hook it up to.

12 – Lower Heating Costs. Especially if you use gas fireplaces for zone heating, you can lower your utility bills by installing a gas fireplace in your home.

This may be all you need to know about gas fireplaces, to be convinced of their benefits. Contact one of our member stores to choose a beautiful gas fireplace for your home today.

12 Reasons to Install a Gas Fireplace in your Home

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10 Ways To Make Your Fireplace More Comfortable

10 Ways To Make Your Fireplace More Comfortable

Winter weather is here!


Many people use a fireplace for both ambiance and warmth. Especially, since winter has finally reared its ugly head in Cleveland, Ohio. This past week we have seen below freezing and subzero temperatures and plenty of snow.

When the weather gets this cold, there is very little else I like to do than stay home and sit by my high efficiency wood burning fireplace insert. I’m sure I’m not alone. In light of that, here are several products from Country Stove and Patio that can make your home more comfortable for the remainder of winter 2016.

Here are some options to consider:


Heat Grate – The quickest way to turn your masonry fireplace into a larger heat source is a grate heater. A grate heater is for wood burning fireplaces only. It has a 90/125 CFM variable speed blower with a thermostatic on/off fan control so the unit will turn off and on by itself. A grate heater will send approximately 40,000 BTUs of heat back into your room instead of losing that heat through the chimney. 5 year warranty. 3 sizes available.

Fireplace Heat Grate

Fireplace Glass Doors – Did you know that when you aren’t burning a fire in your fireplace, you may be losing heat from your furnace up your chimney? Properly installed glass doors can reduce air flow through the fireplace opening up to 99%! Glass doors are even available with gasket seals to prevent cold air infiltration down the flue in tightly insulated homes. Many styles, colors, and designs are available to fit your home decor.

Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace Inserts – Fireplace inserts come in many shapes and sizes. They can be gas or wood fired, have fan systems and accent lights. These units are designed to heat up to 2,000 square feet and are a supurb secondary heat source in an emergency situation. Leading manufacturers include Lopi, Fireplace Xtrordinair, Mendota, and Ambiance Fireplace inserts.

Fireplace Gas Insert

Tool sets – Fireplace tools are a necessity for a safe burning experience. Tool sets come in many colors and designs. Typically the tools included in a tool set are a broom, a poker, a steel shovel, and a log grabber. These are important to have to stoke your fire, clean up any ash on your hearth and be able to move a burning log if it rolls towards the front of your fireplace.

Fireplace Tool Set

Fireplace Screen – We all love the crackle and pop of a real wood fire. Free standing and curtain screens are important to stop any sparks or embers from popping out of your fireplace and onto a combustible surface like carpet or wood flooring. They also act as a great barrier for children and pets.


Log Holder – Log holders add a decorative and practical aspect to your hearth. They allow for several pieces of wood to be in your house with easy access for when you want to add more wood to your fire. They are also decorative because they add the look and feel of a real fireplace.

Fireplace Log Holder

Fire Resistant Gloves Hands down, gloves are the most important tool for your fireplace, wood stove, or wood insert. They allow you to safely add more wood to your fire without burns or having to throw the wood in. They are also important in the case you need to move or remove a log in your fire.

Fireplace Gloves

Gas Logs – Gas logs come in two styles: vented or non-vented. Vented gas logs provide the ambiance of a traditional fireplace with the ease of turning a valve or hitting a button. Vent free provide ambiance and are a zonal heating option as well. Log styles and options vary.

Vent Free Gas Logs

Heat Champions – Heat Champions are a hybrid option between the beauty of glass doors and the heat of wood burning inserts. These units have unique features like optional stainless steel grill and standard pry-ceramic glass, 8 gauge steel faces, 50/200 CFM fans, thermostatic fan control, gasketed doors, and cabinet mesh doors.


Non Combustible Rug – All fireplaces, stoves and inserts need an area around and in front for spark protection. This means that if a spark does come out, it won’t cause a fire. The simplest way to increase the spark protected area is with a non-combustible hearth rug. Many colors, styles, designs and shapes are available.

Hearth Rug


There are many more options to make your fireplace provide more heat and nicer ambiance. Country Stove and Patio’s has been in business for 35 years and has trained and knowledgeable salesmen that can help you find the right solution for your home and our employed technicians and installation crews will make sure your fireplace runs efficiently and safely for many years.

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2015-2019 Universal Studios Christmas O scale Train Display

2015-2019 Universal Studios Christmas O scale Train Display

Universal Studios was founded in 1912 and has made and endless amount of movies that is adored by millions from the Universal Studios Monsters to Jurassic World. The Universal Studios Christmas 0 scale train display is in tribute to the Theme park, the Studio, and the Christmas Holiday. There have already been many rides retired and there are attractions, characters, and movie cars to commerate those once cherished rides. Everything in the display is a universal property or related to the Christmas Holiday. All buildings were handmade and detailed to look like the actual building in the park or how it appeared in the movie. We are now going to take a tour around the Universal Studios O scale Train Display. One of the first attractions just like in the theme park is the entrance way to Universal Studios.

Entrance way to Universal Studios

The display lights up on the sides and the the Universal Studios Florida sign lights up.  Watch out for characters roaming around the gate for pictures. You might encounter the Gremlins and the terminator.

After you walk through the entrance way Harry Potter will greet you and take you on the Hogwarts Express to begin your tour of the Universal Studios Florida Theme Park.

Transformers 3D Ride

After you enter the entrance way at the beginning of the park, You will see the Transformers 3-D ride. BumbleBee, Optimus Prime, and Grimlock will take on an adventerous journey battling Megatron and the Decepticons.

Ghostbusters house

After your 3-D ride with the Transformers, You will see the Lagoon on your right. While you are walking near the lagoon be careful because there are rumors from other visitors that Jaws was sighted. On your left you will see the Ghostbusters house. Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore as your tour their new containment chamber with ghosts. Watch out for Zuul, Gozer and Slimer as they try to break out of the chamber!

Despicable Me 3D Ride

After the Ghostbusters tour, Gru and minions Paul, Stuart, Kevin, and Dave will take you on a fun filled adventourous tour through their house. Be careful Gru and the minions have a devious plan of turning you into a minion.

Simpson 3D Ride

The next attraction you will see is the simpsons house. You will meet Marge, Bart, Lisa, Homer and little Maggie as you take an adventourous ride through Springfield. You will meet Grandpa Simpson, Krusty the Clown and Willie.

Jurassic Park

The next stop is taking a frightful and terrifying ride with John Hammond, Ian Malcom and Alan Grant through Jurassic Park. They will greet you at the visitors center and tour the DNA chamber with Dr. Henry Wu. Something goes wrong while on your tour with security and have to find Dennis Nedry head of Jurassic Park security. They will take you on a mission to finding Dennis Nedry but you will have to go past the T-Rex cage! The Jurassic Park gate was made by Stan Starry Jr. from the Great Lakes Woodcarvers Club.

New Attractions for 2015

Mt. Crumpit

Take a journey to Whoville to save Christmas from the Grinch. As you ride up Mt. Crumpit, Beware of the Grinch he doesn’t like visitors. Mt. Crumpit is the Grinch’s lair and he will do anything to get rid of unwanted visitors even if it means pushing you off a 325ft.  cliff. You will also encounter Cindy Lou who who will be your guide as you go up Mt. Crumpit.

Shrek Castle

Shrek will take you on a 4-D adventure through his castle with his friends Donkey and Princess Fiona.  While on tour, Lord Farquaad has broken into the castle and has captured the Gingerbread man. Lord Farquaad has threatened to eat him. You have to save the Gingerbread man while on tour with Shrek.

Universal Studios Lagoon

Universal Studios Lagoon is located around some of the Universal Studios attractions. There are also some past and present movie props along Universal Studios Lagoon. While you are walking near the lagoon be careful because there are rumors from other visitors that Jaws was sighted.

 Jaws Ride

Join Sheriff Martin Brody on his boat in Amity Island as he searches for a Shark called Jaws. Jaws is attacking beach goers and Jaws needs to be stopped. You will encounter Mayor Larry Vaughn, Quint, Brody, and Matt Hooper from the Oceanic Institute on this wet and wild adventure to find Jaws.

Night Time At Universal Studios O Scale Train Display Theme Park

Thank You for Visiting Universal Studios O Scale Christmas Train Display Theme Park.  Come Back in 2019!

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Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

NORTH ROYALTON – Home is where the hearth is, and the hearth has been the heart of family owned Country Stove Patio and Spa for 34 years.

Warmth is what they sell, and with warmth is how they operate.

“Our heart and soul is the stove and fireplace heating products. Our dad, Dominic, founded the store in 1981 during the energy crisis of the late 70s and early 80s,” said Matt Federico. “We care about our customers, and our community.”

With more than just stoves and fireplaces, the store has everything to create the perfect backyard ambiance with products to fit all seasons – patio furniture, grills, fire pits and hot tubs.

“We enjoy helping design the ideal backyard, and also being creative and being able to help them with their heating needs too,” Matt said. “We like taking the guesswork out of it and them being able to rely on our expertise to make their vision a reality.”

Fall in love with cozy heating products

Leaves are changing and temps are cooling, but it’s a hot time to think about heating needs.

This happens to be the busiest season of the year for the store. Fall’s popular seasonal products heading into winter are wood stoves and inserts, gas fireplaces and inserts, gas logs, wood and gas fire pits.

Don’t have a fireplace and feeling left out in the cold?

“We specialize in new construction, remodeling and retrofitting homes for higher efficiency fireplaces. We’re the ‘Home of the Anyplace Fireplace.’ That’s what we are known for,” Matt’s brother, Nick, said.

“We can install them in bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, great rooms, kitchens. Any place you want a fireplace, we can help you put one in, whether it’s new construction or a home built 50 years ago,” Matt added.

“We can also replace them if someone has a fireplace but doesn’t like how it heats or looks. We can remodel it and change it up,” Nick added.

Fall is the perfect time to address these projects because heat is still more of a preparation than a necessity yet.

The last two winters have been brutally cold, leaving people wanting to add more heat to their homes but maybe postponing it until the “next season.”

“We have heard of customers wearing hats and scarves in their homes. That’s not the ideal picture living in the cold environment we have,” Matt said. “It’s much more enjoyable to come home from work and have a toasty fireplace to sit around and be warm.”

The store’s offerings are lifetime products.

“The sooner you buy, the longer you can enjoy the benefits,” Nick said, “and the bigger bang for your buck.”

The zonal heat many of the products afford is more affordable than conventional heat in many instances.

“It is less expensive to zonally heat the room you are spending time in instead of turning up the thermostat and heating the whole house – the basement, the bedroom you aren’t in upstairs,” Matt explained.

But these features can also heat entire homes, not just a room. Their parents heat their home with a gas insert, and Nick uses a gas fireplace. Gas products have come a long way, they said.

“They are really realistic. Many times, you wouldn’t know it’s not a wood fire,” Matt said.

More than simply warmth, fire is also about ambiance.

“We create an experience with our products,” Nick said. “There’s the benefit of staying warm, but fire is mesmerizing and draws people in. A fireplace is a great centerpiece of the home and can bring a family together, and that happens naturally without forcing it. People gravitate to the heat of the fire and want to stay together, watch TV together and play games rather than spreading out into the cooler areas of the home.”

Fireplaces have evolved, too, and are very artistic and decorative today. Some can fit into a wall, much like an aquarium, and there are even three-sided fireplaces, maximizing the view.

The store’s pricing is competitive, with products starting at entry pricing points and moving up to the more high-end, but they stand behind them all.

“We have something for everybody. Even with our entry-point products, we don’t skimp on quality. Customers can expect to enjoy them for many, many years,” Matt said.

Fall is a great time for a fire pit or grill for tailgating or clambakes. Hot tubs are another hot item this time of year.

“We have wood and gas pits, we still have grills in stock, the Big Green Egg,” he said. “A lot of people like using their hot tub more in the winter and fall than in the spring and summer, myself included. It’s a nice way to be outside and relax when it may be too cold to be outside.”

Safety first

Several stores sell fireplaces, grills, patio furniture and spas, but what sets Country Stove apart from the rest is its knowledgeable staff.

They’ve seen it all over the past 34 years, and they undergo certification and yearly continuing education to stay well-informed on their products.

“We service all the products we sell and have our own installers that work for us. We don’t subcontract. All of our sales people, service technicians and installers go through the certification process through The National Fireplace Institute. We know our products through background and certification. Our lead installer has been with us 16 years. Dominic has been here 34 years. Between everybody, there is very little we haven’t seen or done or experienced,” Matt said.

His brother seconds that.

This is the store’s third location, all three times staying within North Royalton. Country Stove Patio and Spa is vested in the community and plans to stay put for the long haul.

“Our attention to detail, everything we do is very thorough because we want to ensure every installation is a safe installation,” Nick said. “We are full service, family owned and operated, are second generation and plan on being here another 35 years, easily. We see ourselves as being part of the community long term. We grew up at the store. Our first memories are here. We want to continue our family’s legacy.”

The store is located at 6669 Royalton Road in North Royalton. For more information about the store and its products, visit

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Home Is Where The Hearth Is

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Big Green Egg Perfect Turkey Recipe

Big Green Egg Perfect Turkey RecipeBig Green Egg Perfect Turkey Recipe


  • 1 turkey (12-15 pounds), cleaned thoroughly and patted dry.
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil.
  • 3 tbsp Dizzy Gourmet Whirly Bird Seasoning.
  • 1 whole onion, cut in half.
  • 1 stalk celery.
  • 2 cups chicken broth, wine or water.
  • A mixture of aromatics, such as sage sprigs, onion wedges, and halved garlic heads, for filling the cavity.


  • Set the EGG for indirect cooking with a convEGGtor at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pecan Smoking Chips can be added to the charcoal for a mild smoke flavor and to add a burnished golden brown appearance to the turkey.
  • Combine the oil and Whirly Bird Seasoning in a small bowl. Rub or brush mixture all over the turkey. Stuff the turkey cavity with the mixture of aromatics.
  • If you are using a Vertical Turkey Roaster, load the seasoned bird onto the roaster and place into a drip pan.
  • If you are using a roasting pan you can lay the bird horizontally on a V-Rack to slightly elevate the turkey off the bottom of the roasting pan.
  • Add the onion and the celery to the drip pan, then fill the drip pan with the chicken broth, wine or water.
  • Cook the turkey for 15 to 20 minutes per pound until a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thighs is above 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Remove from heat, and let rest 20 minutes before carving. Reserve the pan drippings to make gravy.


Big Green Egg Perfect Turkey Recipe



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Wood Fireplace Inserts Upgrade Your Fireplace!

Wood Fireplace Inserts Upgrade Your Fireplace!

I feel by now most Clevelander’s should be well adapted to the Northeast Ohio climate. We start the year with a bitter cold January and February, which slowly turns into a rainy Spring. Then the Summer gives us a glimmer of hope to enjoy picnics and pool parties, but are then dashed by a cool rainy fall and a subsequent frigid October, November and December. Our eternal wishes of tropical weather most of the year and a short winter season are nixed year after year after year. If we can almost bet on Cleveland’s weather roller coaster ride, why don’t we properly prepare to better enjoy the coldest 6 months out of the year?

In a 2011 Hearth Industry Report conducted by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), it was reported that “There were approximately 1.2 fireplaces per American home in 2010, with 80 percent of the homes having at least one fireplace or stove, and 21 percent having two or more.” It is safe to say that a majority of homes have a fireplace; however, how many people actually use their fireplace? The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) revealed, “Fireplace owners report that they typically use their fireplaces 52 times per year, most often in the winter (average 34 times) and fall (average 10 times).” At first glance, it may seem like wood fireplaces are adding a lot of heat to the average home as a secondary heat source. The Consumer Energy Center states “On the average, an operating open-masonry fireplace can have efficiencies ranging up to 15 percent, depending upon its type and operation.” In actuality up to 85% of the heat produced from a wood fire is lost up your chimney. The rest of the story may be even more shocking: “if there is no fire and the damper is left open, a fireplace can actually have a “negative efficiency” as warm air from the house escapes through the chimney!” In our experience as a specialty hearth retailer, even with your damper closed your home may still be losing heat all winter long!

Ok, so we recognized that most homes in Cleveland have a serious heating problem. Heat produced from your furnace is escaping up your chimney whether or not your fireplace is in use and regardless of your damper being open or closed. So how do we fix this problem? You could always start by continuing to pay inflated electric bills and gas bills! But, who really wants to do that? The best alternative to correct the problem would be to close off the fireplace opening and add a high efficiency wood burning fireplace insert.  Unlike a traditional open burning fireplace, a wood fireplace insert will be 70-80% efficient. So in simple numbers, wood burned in an open fireplace produces 15% of heat into your home and wood burned in a fireplace insert produces 70-80% of heat into your home. Essentially a wood insert produces 5 times as much heat from the same number of logs as an open fireplace. Since the wood being burned in a fireplace insert is much more efficient, wood burn times can increase ten fold over an open wood burning fireplace. An open burning fireplace may burn a load of wood for one to two hours. It is common to achieve 8 to 10 and even 12 hour burn times per load of wood in a wood burning insert.

Outside of being a phenomenal heat source, there are also other benefits to owning and operating a wood burning fireplace insert. Proper installation of a wood burning insert requires a top plate being placed on top of the chimney sealing off the extra space around your chimney liner. This prevents unwanted cold air from blowing and circulating down your chimney. Additionally, the wood fireplace insert panel that covers the opening of your fireplace is sealed with fiberglass insulation to further prevent cold air from entering your home, but more importantly the panel prevents heated air from your furnace escaping up your chimney. This means that when you burn in a wood fireplace insert you are producing 5 times as much heat (70-80% efficient) and eliminating heat loss resulting in higher home heating efficiency. Compare that   with the the 85% heat loss while burning and negative efficiency of an open burning fireplace when not in use.

On a strictly aesthetic note, wood burning fireplace inserts offer many design options to match or compliment any home decor. Wood fireplace inserts span from traditional designs to contemporary designs. For traditional homes a hearth stove or bay design may fit best, while modern or contemporary homes may look best with a flush mounted unit with either an arch or rectangular door. Wood stove insert manufacturer’s have focused their efforts on increasing the glass viewing area for more ambiance and a better view of the fire. A large roaring fire means your current fireplace can transform from an outdated eye soar to an updated centerpiece in your main living space.

I believe all of the bases have been covered to give good reason to make an investment into both form and function. Wood fireplace inserts allow up to 5 times as much heat and 10 times less wood usage compared to open burning fireplaces. Wood fireplace inserts are the best alternative to seal off your cold drafty fireplace from both top and bottom and prevent heat loss up your chimney. This results in a higher heating efficiency from even your current furnace. Top the new found energy savings off with an attractive roaring fire and new face design and you have succeeded in upgrading your current fireplace with both heat and ambiance!

Wood Fireplace Inserts Upgrade Your Fireplace!


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Broilmaster Infrared Grill R3B Wins Top Rating

Broilmaster Infrared Grill R3B Review


This super-durable Broilmaster Infrared grill has the best warranty in our review.


You must purchase the stand separately, which makes the grill more expensive.

Verdict 9.83

The Broilmaster R3B offers an excellent grilling experience, thanks to even heating and a solid design. This makes it one of the best infrared grills in our review.


Broilmaster is an American manufacturer of premium grill products. Its Broilmaster R3B is one of the best infrared grills in our review. The R3B produced a solid performance in our heat consistency and durability tests, which contributed to an excellent grilling experience. Aside from performance, the grill’s features, construction and warranty give this grill many advantages over the competition. The Broilmaster R3B is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for infrared grills.

The Broilmaster R3B comes with two 20,000-BTU burners that each take up half of the grill. The right burner is a large ceramic sear burner. The left burner is a U-shaped blue flame burner that doesn’t produce as much heat, but offers versatility for delicate foods. The blue flame burner pairs with briquettes, similar to those of charcoal grills, but made of a ceramic material. If you prefer two infrared burners in the grill, Broilmaster’s R3 model has the option.

The Broilmaster R3B scored 95 percent on our heat consistency tests. This means you can use the grill for a variety of grilling tasks, such as slow roasting and searing, without ruining your food. Part of the reason for this score is the Broilmaster R3B’s extra space between its burners and its cooking grates, more than any other grill in our review, which allows the grill’s heat more room to diffuse before coming in contact with your food.

To evaluate the Broilmaster R3B for hot and cold spots across the cooking area, we tested the burners separately by placing slices of bread on the cooking grates. The infrared burner created even sear marks on the bread in one minute. The traditional burner took four minutes to preheat, because of the ceramic briquettes, and produced a similar result. This compares well with other infrared grills.

We then looked at how well the grill maintains lower temperatures over 20 minutes. The grill took 10 minutes to preheat to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The grill’s temperature only rose slightly during the rest of the test. Although this grill doesn’t preheat as quickly as others in our review, its performance makes up for that.

Grill Features:

Throughout our testing process, this grill provided a well-rounded grilling experience. The distance between the cooking grates and the burners makes it difficult to burn food, making this a very forgiving grill if you are new to the infrared BBQ. The grill produced excellent results with the four meats we cooked for our review including steak, chicken, salmon and hamburgers. The warming rack on the Broilmaster R3B is 253 square inches, making it the largest warming rack in our review. The primary cooking area was slightly smaller than the other freestanding grills in our review at 442 square inches.

The grill comes with a built-in temperature gauge to help you know if you have the right amount of heat for your cooking. However, we learned some things that might not detract from the experience but are useful to know. First, we could only get the grill to light properly with both burners on high. This is different from most grills, which allow you to light the burners one at a time. Second, it is easier to connect the propane tank when the drip tray is not in place.

The Broilmaster R3B is natural gas capable, which lets you connect the infrared gas grill to your home’s natural gas supply instead of using a propane tank. A conversion kit is required for this functionality and you must purchase it separately. This unit’s self-cleaning feature allows you to turn the burners on high after cooking to burn off any cooking residue. This feature is only found on half of the grills in our review.

Grill Construction:

The cast-aluminum construction of the unit’s cookbox is rock solid. It doesn’t feel flimsy in any way, making it the most durable infrared grill in our review. The Broilmaster R3B’s stainless-steel cooking grates are easy to clean and have the same heavy-duty construction as the rest of the grill.

Unlike other freestanding models in our review, the Broilmaster R3B grill head doesn’t initially come with a stand. Because of this, you can choose from a variety of stands, including a built-in option, making it the only grill in our review that you can permanently mount in an outdoor kitchen. You can also add side burners and shelves. This modular customization is unique to Broilmaster in our review and is a great advantage. Unfortunately, each of these features costs extra and may not be as convenient as buying a complete grill.

Warranty & Support:

Broilmaster offers the best warranty in our review. The company guarantees the stainless-steel burner for 10 years and the infrared burner for five years. The burner warranty is better than those found on the majority of grills in the industry. Additionally, Broilmaster covers the cooking grates, cookbox and lid with a lifetime warranty. Only one other company in our review offers a similar level of warranty protection on those three components. The other parts on this unit are protected by a one-year warranty, which is average among infrared grills.

If you need help with the grill, you can contact Broilmaster by email, but the company doesn’t offer a phone number. Instead, the company relies on local dealers for most support queries. The Broilmaster website offers a FAQs section in the form of a “Getting Started” page.


The Broilmaster R3B infrared grill has many advantages and few disadvantages. It provides consistent heating and a dynamic grilling experience. This, coupled with a well-engineered design and comprehensive warranty, makes the Broilmaster R3B one of the best infrared grills in our review. The modular nature of this grill’s accessories makes it less convenient than a ready-to-go grill, but it offers great flexibility. Overall, this grill is about as good as infrared BBQ gets.


Editor’s Note: This information was taken directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Infrared Grilling

Get restaurant results with steak, chops, fish, chicken pieces and more. Infrared grilling sears foods quickly to lock in juice and flavor. After the initial sear, the infrared energy cooks foods to perfection in minutes.

Unlike other IR models, these versatile Broilmaster grills allow up to 30-percent turndown on each independent burner for indirect cooking, slow-roasting, baking, pizza making, and warming.

Super-duty stainless steel cooking grids offer three levels of adjustability, plus a separate warming rack offer even greater control over cooking temperatures. The multi-position lid stop adds yet another level of temperature control.


  • 695 Sq. In. of Total Cooking Area (26 3/4 W x 18 3/4 D x 19 H)
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Construction (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
  • V-Channel Cooking Grids (Standard on all 2014 R3 Series Grills)
  • Stainless Steel Control Panel
  • Stainless Steel Warming Rack (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
  • Choose Propane or Natural Gas
  • Broilmaster R3 and R3B Gas Grills are made in USA.

V-Channel Cooking Grids

  • Capture up to 60 percent of the drippings released from foods
  • Channels hold these juices just beneath the food, where heat from the infrared burner converts it into steam and smoke – adding flavor and moisture to everything you grill.
  • Grids clean up easily with a regular grill bush.

R3B Infrared and Blue Flame Grill

  • One Infrared Burner and One Blue Flame Burner – up to 40,000 total Btu
  • Right side – 20,000 Btu Infrared Burner
  • Left Side – 20,000 Btu Blue Flame Burner (18,000 Btu on LP)



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A Cure for the Common Cold?

A Cure for the Common Cold

Hot Tubs: A Cure for the Common Cold?

Have a cold? Here are 6 ways a hot tub can help the common cold:

  1. Heat, elevating your body temperature can help your body to combat the quickly spreading cold virus.
  2. Frequent hot tub use, every few hours for 20 minutes at a time can help to elevate your body temperature allowing you to sweat out the cold.
  3. Relieve those aches and pains. Heat therapy can do wonders on those body aches.
  4. Clear your nasal passages. put a tiny bit of salve under your nose, combined with the steam from the hot tub your nasal passages will open right up.
  5. Clear your nose. The heat and steam from the hot tub will open you up allowing you to blow your nose much easier.
  6. Get plenty of rest. When you soak in the hot tub your temperature will increase, after getting out your temperature will start to decrease which will cause you to get drowsy.

All of these can help be a cure for the common cold this winter!

Country Stove Patio & Spa is proud to carry and service the high-quality PDC Spas. Contact us today for more information about the health benefits that spas can provide you!



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2014 Universal Studios Christmas Train Display

2014 Universal Studios Christmas Train Display


This picture is a scene from the begining of The Christmas Story when they are looking in the window at the Christmas train and other toys in the window.
This picture is a scene from the begining of The Christmas Story when they are looking in the window at the Christmas train and other toys in the window.




2014 Universal Studios Christmas Train Display

Who remembers going downtown to Higbees or other department stores and seeing Christmas train displays in windows with merchandise in the windows?  Stores have stopped doing them but Country Stove Patio & Spa wanted to bring the tradition back to our store. Since 2012 Country Stove Patio and Spa has put a Christmas Train in one of our front windows. 2014 Christmas Display is dedicated to Universal Studios Theme park. Take a look at these handmade buildings by Country Stove Patio and Spa. Come Take a ride on the Harry Potter Train and visit and see the minions from Despicable Me at Gru’s house, Megatron, Optimus Prime and the Transformers,  Blast some Ghosts with Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters, get scared by the Universal Studios Monsters and visit The Simpsons at their house in Springfield.


Making of Universal Studios O Scale Christmas Train Display

This idea of using the Universal Studios Theme came about in January from Joe Federico, creator of the Train Display and a Universal Studios Theme park fan. The buildings were all scratch build which means they were custom made. The process of making the buildings started with going off of pictures on the internet and pictures from being at the park. Then poster board was made to make the pieces and the pieces were then taped together as a template.  After All buildings were together, then 1/4′ Plywood was used  and cut with a saber saw to the sized pieces from the poster board. All 1/4″ plywood was glued together and held in a clamp for a tight fit. Once the the buildings were together, they were painted with primer then the desired color of the building. Next,  I added the windows and doors that were custom made too.  This process took 2-3 months to make each building. Dwayne, train enthusist from Ormandy’s Train store in Medina, Ohio came and helped with the setup. The Jurassic Park Gate was handmade by Stan Starry Jr. from the Great Lakes Woodcarving club.




New Attractions coming in 2015!

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2014 Universal Studios Train Display-Stuart the Minion by his Statue Cartoon

2014 Universal Studios Train Display-Stuart the Minion by his Statue

 Stuart admiring his statue pic 1


Stuart the minion from despicable me is admiring a statue of himself at Gru’s house in the 2014 Universal train display at Country Stove and Patio in North Royalton, Ohio

Stuart: Aah! Aah! Banana!


 Stuart admiring his statue pic 2

 Gru: Stuart! What are you doing?

Stop admiring your statue!

We have a lot of work to do to get ready for the Universal Studios Theme park Christmas Train display at Country Stove and Patio

Come and visit Country Stove Patio and Spa to see the Universal Studios O Scale Christmas train display!

Display will be complete by Thanksgiving.

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2012-13 Country Stove Patio & Spa Christmas Train Display

Christmas Story Window Display

 2012-13 Country Stove Patio & Spa Christmas Train Display

Who remembers going downtown to Higbees or other department stores and seeing Christmas train displays in windows with merchandise in the windows? Most stores have stopped this wonderful holiday event, but Country Stove Patio & Spa wanted to bring the tradition back to our store. We teamed up with The Hobby House in 2012 and 2013 for a Christmas Train Window Display.  In 2012, the theme for the display was the Polar Express. In 2013, the display was themed Christmas Time with Country Stove Patio & Spa and The Hobby House. Hobby House sells all kinds of trains, RC cars, models, building supplies, remote control cars, boats, and helicopters. Go check out the Hobby House on 12613 State Road in North Royalton, Ohio 44133. Call Hobby House @440-582-0909


Coming Soon! Our Universal Studios Theme Park Christmas Train display for Christmas 2014

Display will be up and finished by Thanksgiving


2013 Christmas Time with Country Stove Patio & Spa and The Hobby House



2012 Polar Express Christmas Display


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EGGceptional North Coast EGGfest 2014

Eggheads, Wannabes have EGGceptional Time at EGGFest

Country Stove Patio and Spa hosted the second ever North Coast EGGfest 2014 locally May 17


By JAIME ANTON The Post staff writer

NORTH ROYALTON – Marilyn Sessions readied her flank steak, which had been marinating for two days, for the grill.

Her husband Brian put a few pieces of apple wood in the grill and they waited patiently for the temperature to read 450-500 degrees.

The sizzle, the smell as she carefully laid the steak on the fire was heavenly.

Ward 4 Councilman Paul Marnecheck happened by their grill and was stopped in his tracks by the aroma.

“I’d like to try it,” he said to Brian Sessions.

When it was the right temperature, they handed him over a few slices. Once the fork hit his lips, Marnecheck was hooked.

“Wow. That is excellent. Wow. How long until that one’s done?” he said, gesturing at another flank steak sizzling away. “I don’t want to be greedy and get seconds, but wow. That was really, really good.”

Marnecheck happily accepted the seconds the Sessions were more than willing to dish out.

“Oh man, this is so good,” he smiled.

The Sessions aren’t your average grillers, they’re Eggheads.

Eggheads are those who know the ins and outs of the unique Big Green Egg grill and swear by them, preferring this unique grill to traditional charcoal and gas grills.

The Sessions are by no means rookies. They’re seasoned Egg vets with close to 15 years of experience logged on their Eggs. They own three, because one’s just not enough for an Egghead.

“And I think we need another one,” Marilyn Sessions laughs.

She lifted the Egg’s lid and takes a quick peek at their steak. This very same recipe earned her second place a few years ago in the national EGGFest in Atlanta, which is attended by thousands and thousands of Eggers every year.

The Sessions, who hail from Kent, were grilling up not only steak, but a chicken recipe next to 16 other teams at the local North Coast EGGFest 2014 hosted by Country Stove Patio and Spa in North Royalton May 17.

Marnecheck loved their steak, but he was also impressed with the turducken that Tom Bender, of North Royalton, was grilling up on his Egg. The councilman didn’t get a chance to try it, but just seeing this legendary dish – turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken – being attempted, let alone on a grill, was a sight to behold.

“Everybody seems pretty excited about it,” Bender said. “Nobody did a turkey last year, so I thought I would this time. It’s great because you can really get a lot of flavor into a reasonably priced meat with the Egg.”

Big Green Egg enthusiasts boast about the grill’s design that melds an ancient cooking technique with modern ingenuity to create a unique cooking style. This cooking style imparts distinctive flavors and aromas derived from organic wood charcoal and chips all in a fraction of the time as conventional charcoal grills.

These grills are celebrated because they are easy to start, can maintain an exact temperature thanks to the ceramic design, are grill ready in minutes, are safe to use and simple to clean.

The charcoal or chips ignite quickly and reach cook-ready temperatures within minutes, as opposed to the tradition charcoal grill that can take up to an hour. Users can grill, smoke and bake at exact temperatures thanks to the air flow design. And, accuracy can be maintained within a few degrees up to 750 degrees and as low as 170.

Eggs aren’t simply for grilling, experts said they’re great for baking too – pies, bread, cookies and more.

Magdalena Chmura, of North Royalton, and her friend Mark Wells, of Dayton, teamed up to cook lamb and bacon shish kabobs followed by chocolate chip cookies on the grill.

Another Egghead baked loaf bread and a cornbread. Someone else was making quesadillas.

Country Stove Patio and Spa features the largest full-line, in-stock selection of Big Green Egg accessories in northeast Ohio and is very plugged in to the Big Egg movement, so much so that they brought the nationwide EGGFest to North Royalton last year.

It was very successful with between 200-250 people attending. There were 12 grills in use last year. This year, there were 17, but the cold, wet weather dampened attendance a bit. About the same amount of people attended this year.

Matt Federico, whose parents Dominic and Gloria own the store, works alongside his brothers Nick and Joe. He said he’s hopeful for next year.

“Hopefully this will continue to grow, and we start pulling in more people. Last year’s event, it was a beautiful day. Even with the weather, we had a good-sized crowd. I’m excited about next year,” he said.

The weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of The Post Newspapers’ very own Karl Gerhard, account executive. Gerhard, admittedly, is an Egghead. He was serving up his famous Atomic Buffalo Turds and debuting his newly concocted culinary masterpiece, Luau Logs, a recipe his son Jake, 10, and his wife, Yvette, helped craft the night before the Fest.

The logs were sweet peppers stuffed with pineapple and cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, seasoned with Dizzy Pig Pineapple Head seasoning and brown sugar and then smoked on the grill for an hour at 350 degrees.

Atomic Buffalo Turds are very similar, but are the spicy, non-fruity cousin to the logs. They are jalapenos stuffed with smoked sausage and cream cheese, wrapped with bacon, seasoned with Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust and smoked on the Egg at 350 degrees for an hour.

Tammy and Jon Lillie, of Olmsted Falls, anxiously waited in line for a bite.

They have their own Egg, but haven’t really ventured out into the world of unique recipes just yet.

“We’ve never thought of making bread, so this is a learning experience. And these Luau Logs are such a unique idea. This is giving us more ideas, which we need. I’m really impressed,” Tammy Lillie said.

“We’ve done duck and roast beef. I definitely want to try pizza. I’m really glad we invested in the Egg,” Jon Lillie added.

Ron and Sher Morse traveled all the way from Kane, Pa., to attend the Fest. They do not have an Egg, but were eying them closely after the fare they sampled and the words of wisdom from the Eggers.

“Everyone here has been so friendly. We would definitely come back,” Sher Morse said.

“They’re all giving me tips on things to try, but they won’t give me secrets on the sauce. That’s top secret,” Ron Morse chuckled.

Marilyn Sessions said this is the beauty of EGGFest, not just amazing food, but the camaraderie and the sharing of techniques and ideas, even recipes.

“We like the flavor, the ease of use. You can do so many things, a variety of foods, but we also love the camaraderie, all the Eggers sharing recipes, teaching people. Some of the people here, this is their first EGGFest experience. We do these all over the country and this is by far our favorite,” she said. “They spoil us here. We want for nothing.”

She was flipping a steak when the tune “We are Family” came over the speakers at the event.

“It’s the perfect song for this,” she smiled.

North Coast EGGfest 2014

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2013 North Coast EGGfest Video

2013 North Coast EGGfest Video

As the 2014 North Coast EGGfest is almost upon us, we thought we would reflect on what a succes the 2013 North Coast EGGfest was. The 2013 North Coast EGGfest video below shows the EGGheads who attended, what they cooked, the awesome bands that played, and how much fun everyone was having. If you’re looking for a fun outdoor festival in Cleveland this Saturday (May 17), this is it!

Things to look forward to at the 2014 North Coast EGGfest:

  • Live Music
  • Lots of amazing BBQ
  • Increase your BBQ skills
  • Raffles & door prizes
  • Nice Weather (fingers crossed)!

You can pre-register here or at the event.

Still not sure what an EGGfest is? Check out this blog post for more details!


2013 North Coast EGGfest Video