Direct vent gas stoves offer many advantages for homes without a fireplace or for adding additional heat and ambiance in any room of your home. Direct vent gas stoves can be installed virtually anywhere, with access to an outside wall being the simplest installation. Low clearances prevent direct vent stoves from taking up too much space in a room making gas stoves a perfect addition to family rooms, basements, bedrooms etc. Many direct vent gas stoves can be vented horizontally from the back of the stove or vertically from the top of the stove allowing further installation versatility.

Direct vent gas stoves provide a user friendly experience for individuals needing heat and ambiance at the push of a button. Buying, loading, hauling and unloading fire wood is no longer a challenge with a direct vent gas stove. At the flip of a switch or a push of a button, the stove can be turned on providing instant heat. Most stoves offer an optional blower to extend the square footage heating capacity of the stove. Thermostats can be added for maintaining the temperature in rooms that tend to get cold or draughty. Since these gas stoves use direct vent technology, there are no concerns with comprising room air quality. Direct vent gas stoves bring in outside air for combustion and exhaust back outside causing only heat to enter the home.

Direct vent gas stoves deliver the beautiful ambiance of a lively, flickering fire. Different log sets create the look of a real wood burning fire. The log designs have been specifically cast from real wood to enhance the realism of your gas stove. Adjust the flames on your stove to give the look and feel of a roaring or late night, low burning fire. The choice is yours.

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