Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire Insert

Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire Insert

Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire Insert

Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire InsertThe Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire Inserts are the cleanest burning, most efficient wood burning fireplace inserts in the world. These inserts feature Hybrid-Fire technology which allows them to burn at extremely high efficiency rates and produce less than one gram of emissions per hour. Hybrid Fire is a fusion of catalytic and non-catalytic technologies that combined, produce an exceptionally clean burn that emits virtually no smoke or carbon monoxide. Hybrid Fire allows you to burn cleaner fires for longer periods of time, using less wood and saving you trips to the wood pile.

The Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire insert can accommodate small fireplaces. The larger version, the Fireplace Xtrordinair Large Flush Wood Hybrid Fire insert is perfect for any medium to large fireplace opening. These units conveniently fit flush to the hearth and feature a beautiful arched door and classic Wilmington face or rectangular door and Metropolitan or Universal face.

Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire Wood InsertTurn your old inefficient fireplace into a warm focal point in your home with the Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire insert from Fireplace Xtrordinair. This super efficient insert features the world’s cleanest burning technology, Hybrid Fire. The small flush wood hybrid fire insert is the perfect solution to convert your open fireplace into a cozy heating source for your home. Its compact size will fit into virtually any small masonry or metal fireplace and it features a detachable flue collar for effortless installations. The flush fit of this insert doesn’t protrude out into the room and gives a finished appearance. A sleek rectangular door highlights a beautiful fire view and adds to the sophistication of this unit. The standard concealed fans quietly and efficiently distributes heat throughout your home. The Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire insert is a compact unit with powerful performance that will add comforting warmth to your home.

Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire Insert


  • Only 0.89 Grams of Particulate Per Hour.
  • Overall Efficiency: 76.5%
  • Heating Capacity: 47,000 Btus/Hr.
  • Heats up to 1,000 square feet.
  • Up To 7 Hour Burn Time.
  • 1.2 Cubic Foot Firebox.
  • Accepts 18″ Wood
  • Heavy Gauge 5/16″ & 3/16″ Steel Plate Construction.
  • Glass Viewing Dimensions: 18″W x 8″H

Hybrid Fire Technology

The Small Flush Wood Insert is by far the cleanest burning, large insert available on the market. Featuring unparalleled craftsmanship and styling as well as the cutting edge science. This combination of the catalytic combuster and air tubes is what creates this unique and ultra efficient Hybrid Fire technology.

The super efficient combustion air is drawn into the preheated chamber converting cold, incoming air into warm combustion air. This air is then routed through the air wash channels and into the air wash which primarily keeps the glass very clean, decreasing maintenance and adding convenience. The air control regulates incoming air controlling the burn rate and is then routed into the firebox by the primary combustion air (which helps to start the fire.)

The secondary air manifold continues to route the air into the secondary tubes which takes the air to the secondary combustion zone. In this area, any unburned particles are re-ignited. The Baffle slows down the gases from being expelled without one last clean sweep from the catalytic combust or which reignites all volatile gases. No particle is left behind. This process dramatically reduces emissions and carbon monoxide output making the Large Flush Wood Insert a very ‘green’ fireplace.

Room air is drawn through the back convection chamber then circulated through the convection channel where it is heated. This hot air is then expelled from the top convection chamber through a large, cast iron, heat sink increasing the temperature of the room. Additionally, twin 90 cdm fans push convection air through the stove greatly improving heat transfer and circulation into the room. A bypass damper is also included on the Small Flush Wood Insert, allowing for easy, smoke free start ups. The insert comes standard with a 6″ flue collar with internal attachment for convenient installation as well as the optional GreenStart igniter, making the start up process as easy as the push of a button.

Made In America

The Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire Inserts are premium quality with a long lasting value. The insert is American made and created out of only the highest quality materials such as heavy gauge steel (up to 5/16″ thick), unibody firebox, real masonry brick, stainless steel baffle and air tubes. All of this contributes to the durability and longevity of the product with is backed by Fireplace Xtrordinair’s “Real World” Seven Year warranty.

Fireplace Xtrordinair Small Flush Wood Hybrid Fire Insert