Fireplace Xtrordinair FPX 36 Elite

Fireplace Xtrordinair Wood Burning Fireplaces

Fireplace Xtrordinair Wood Burning Fireplaces

The Ultimate Wood Burning Fireplace

The Original Arched Fireplace

Fireplace Xtrordinair introduced the trademark product shape of the parallel arches, the arched viewing era and the parallel arched face over a decade ago. The unique design of the delicate lace pattern concealing the air intake and heat exchanger, and the arches have identified Fireplace Xtrordinair to thousands of discovering homeowners all over North America.

Nothing Matches A Real Log Fire

When you enter a home, what’s the one thing that makes you feel instantly welcomed and relaxed: the cheery crackle and dancing warm flames of a real log fire on the hearth. The fireplace has always been the hear of the home. The mood it inspires sets the stage for all our fondest memories of romance, family sharing and festive gatherings around the fireplace. This wonderful ambiance is threatened by society’s nee for efficient us of fuel and a cleaner, healthier environment.

The fireplace of old and most manufacture fireplaces, cannot meet these demands. Any heat generated by a traditional fireplace goes up the chimney and not into the home. The solution is the Fireplace Xtrordinair Elite series of wood burning fireplaces. This state-of-the-art fireplace design, available in two different sized models, provides the warmth, romance and beauty of a traditional hearth without heat loss and air pollution. Our Elite fireplaces are installed as framed in, zero clearance fireplaces and have an enviable overall efficiency rating up to 73%. Both models are certified by the EPA as a clean burning, environmentally responsible heating appliance.

Positive Pressure Heating System

One of the unique design features of Fireplace Xtroridair’s Elite fireplaces is that you can use fresh air which is drawn from outside the home for both combustion and what transfer though a unique concept called ‘Posi-Pressure.’ Posi-Pressure technology draws outside air into the cavity around the fireplace, heats it, and circulates it throughout the home via a quiet remote blower. The heated air naturally seeks out and penetrates cold spaces warming the entire home evenly while ‘sealing’ cracks, leaks and other drafty spots by preventing cold air infiltration.

The Furnace That Looks Like A Fireplace

The Elite series by Firepalce Xtrordinair is designed to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace while delivering up to 76,700 BTUs/hour through a decorative grill built into the face design, framing the fire and enhancing your home decor. Other heat-circulating fireplaces require large unsightly louvers or highly visible vent boxes above the fireplace opening, sacrificing the traditional hearth look.

The entire Elite series features sleek lines and large glass doors for an expansive view of the fire. Add the optional black painted, nickel plated face or hand-hammered Artisan face and door for a dramatic flair. Only Fireplace Xtroridnair creates such a uniquely beautiful, versatile look in a high BTU output fireplace.

No Fireplace Burns As Clean As Fireplace Xtrordinair

A source of heat for your home shouldn’t be a source of pollution for our environment. Fireplace Xtrordinair utilizes the latest catalytic technology to reduce emissions by 90% compared to conventional fireplaces. A catalytic combustor reduces the temperate at which smoke ignites, causing it to burn before it leave the firebox. Unlike most fireplace, the Fireplace Xtrordinari Elite series surpasses the EPA’s strict emissions standard for wood stoves – in facet, emissions are as low as 2.3 grams of particulates per hour for the Model 36 Elite and 2.5 grams for the model 44 Elite!

Unmatched Beauty

The Fireplace Xtrodinair Elite series is designed to meet your architectural needs by blending with the interior of your home rather than looking like an add-on. The double door style is a classic, equally at home in the country or when gracing a contemprory living room. This fireplace is flush to the wall, which saves valuable floor space in a room. The traditional classic arch design accommodates standard brick dimensions without cutting and works equally well with stone, marble or tile for that custom touch. The controls for fan, air adjustment and dampers are subtly incorporated int the face of the unit itself for easy access.

The standard heat resistant finish for the doors and face is a rich metallic black. Your dealer can offer a wide assortment of decorator colors as well. Upgrade your fireplace with elegant brushed nickel plating. The plated surface does not require polishing and will not discolor under normal operation.

The Artisan fireplace face design and craftsmanship is reminiscent of the iron work in the great lodges of Europe and American. The Artisan is hand forged and hammered by master blacksmiths in Europe. Each fireplace face will bear unique subtle characteristics from the hands of its creator, making it a true work of art in iron. The Artisan in New Iron paint finish is available as a single door on the 36 Elite and as double doors on the 44 Elite fireplaces.

Another beautiful benefit of the Elite series is the size of the logs the unit can burn: up to 32″ logs in the 44 Elite model and 24″ logs in the 36 Elite model. The large capacity firebox features large doors that provide a huge unobstructed view of the beautiful, soothing flames.

Perhaps the most beautiful feature of the Fireplace Xtrodinair Elite series is its value. Despite the fact that the Elite line up is contracted of supers components and features, and the performance rating are supers to every other certified fireplace, the cost of the installed system is surprisingly competitive. The reason is simple, the air cooled chimney system approved for Fireplace Xtrordinair may cost 50% less than chimney systems required on other high heat output fireplaces. This dramatic breakthrough is due to the effectiveness of the unique heat enhance Posi-Pressure system. This system delivers most of the heat generated into the home rather than up the chimney.

Dollar for dollar, you will not dina better, more cost effective way to efficient heat your home with wood!


Your wood burning fireplace is backed by a network of Specialty Hearth Dealers and certified factory trained installers. Fireplace Xtrordinair warrants our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 7 years from the date of purchase. All parts, electronics and labor are covered for a full 2 years. No other manufacture’s warranty can compare.

Fireplace Xtrordinair Wood Burning Fireplaces