Gas Fireplace Inserts – Cleveland

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Do you currently have a masonry fireplace in your home?

Do you ever wonder why your home just will not stay warm during the winter months?

Are you looking for a high efficiency heat source to heat your home?

Do you want to save money on your heating bills this winter?

Masonry fireplaces are built as a centerpiece to turn a house into a home. The nostalgia of having a open wood burning fireplace to gather around with your family has been instilled into the American way of life. Although a masonry fireplace is essential to a home, open fireplaces are one of the most inefficient heat sources. When burning wood in an open fireplace, only 15-20% of the wood’s heating ability is given back to your home. Also, when not in use, your masonry fireplace is leaking heat up the chimney causing higher heat bills.

One way to combat inefficiencies is by installing a gas fireplace insert into your pre-existing masonry fireplace. Gas fireplace inserts are designed to transform virtually any metal or masonry fireplace into an efficient source of heat. A gas fireplace insert uses the same chimney system as your fireplace, but with a liner to increase the efficiency. Gas fireplace inserts can be up to 87% efficient and provide whole home or zonal heating. Unlike a gas furnace that ducts heat to all rooms of your home, you can use your insert for zone heating and just heat the room(s) you are using.Gas Inserts have the ability to heat 200 to 2,500 square feet comfortably. Differences between gas fireplace inserts depend on size, heating ability, log style, facing options and efficiency.

Our gas fireplace inserts are all “direct vent,” meaning that they pull combustion air from the outside of the house and not your living space. For indoor air quality, safety and performance both combustion air and exhaust gases pass through your existing chimney via a direct vent kit.

An immediate difference between a wood fireplace and a gas insert is the ease of use. Gone are the days of ordering, splitting, stacking and hauling cords of wood. With the push of a button, your remote will turn on your fire and blower for instant heat. No mess or prep work, simply heat. Gas inserts are more realistic than ever using industry innovation to imitate  a real wood fire.

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