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Hearthstone Wood Stoves

HearthStone Wood Stoves

Creating Warmth… Inspiring Comfort

There is a decided difference between a house and a home. It’s about creating a warm welcome that goes well beyond heating – an ambiance that reflects your personal style and beckons with its genial embrace. This concept is at the heart of every HearthStone Wood Stove. Designed with the beauty of a fine piece of furniture, a HearthStone Stove combines reliability with time tested craftsmanship to become an essential part of your unique home experience.

Enduring Value

HearthStone wood stoves speak of quality and commitment. Integrating superior materials and high end design, HearthStone wood stoves provide you with value, efficiency, and promise. We handcraft each Hearthstone with assurance and commitment to meet the highest standards. Time-tested craftsmanship, the finest materials and advance heating technology guarantee that your Hearthstone wood stove is clean burning and efficient. That’s value.

Soapstone: The Signature of Luxury

There is nothing quite like soapstone. Extraordinarily beautiful and possessing remarkable stability, soapstone is the ideal stove component. HearthStone harnesses this magic to create our finest family of stoves: the Select Collection. Crafted with hand selected soapstone, these stoves are brilliant for their functionality as well as their design. They are a true testament to HearthStone’s proud heritage of fine stove making.

The superior quality of these stoves starts with the material itself. Storing more heat for its weight than any other naturally occurring material, soapstone panels absorb the high heat of the fire to emanate natural, even warmth long after the fire dissipates. Soapstone is what gives HearthStone wood stoves superior Heat Life. And, it is what has made the HearthStone brand the most popular soapstone stove on the market today.

hearthstone stoop stone heat life
Soap Stone Heat Life

Your Stove, Your Style

The soapstone panels incorporated in HearthStone Wood Stoves are all hand chosen and hand matched to create a coordinated and highly individual pattern of understated elegance. From distinct grains to subtle nuance of color, within each stove a thoughtful design is matched with this careful complement of materials. This guarantees each HearthStone soapstone stove bears its own unique signature, and holds the qualities you would expect of a favorite heirloom.

The result is a stove that is remarkably efficient, functional, durable and beautiful, and showcases the warmth of your personal character in your home.

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