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Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

NORTH ROYALTON – Home is where the hearth is, and the hearth has been the heart of family owned Country Stove Patio and Spa for 34 years.

Warmth is what they sell, and with warmth is how they operate.

“Our heart and soul is the stove and fireplace heating products. Our dad, Dominic, founded the store in 1981 during the energy crisis of the late 70s and early 80s,” said Matt Federico. “We care about our customers, and our community.”

With more than just stoves and fireplaces, the store has everything to create the perfect backyard ambiance with products to fit all seasons – patio furniture, grills, fire pits and hot tubs.

“We enjoy helping design the ideal backyard, and also being creative and being able to help them with their heating needs too,” Matt said. “We like taking the guesswork out of it and them being able to rely on our expertise to make their vision a reality.”

Fall in love with cozy heating products

Leaves are changing and temps are cooling, but it’s a hot time to think about heating needs.

This happens to be the busiest season of the year for the store. Fall’s popular seasonal products heading into winter are wood stoves and inserts, gas fireplaces and inserts, gas logs, wood and gas fire pits.

Don’t have a fireplace and feeling left out in the cold?

“We specialize in new construction, remodeling and retrofitting homes for higher efficiency fireplaces. We’re the ‘Home of the Anyplace Fireplace.’ That’s what we are known for,” Matt’s brother, Nick, said.

“We can install them in bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, great rooms, kitchens. Any place you want a fireplace, we can help you put one in, whether it’s new construction or a home built 50 years ago,” Matt added.

“We can also replace them if someone has a fireplace but doesn’t like how it heats or looks. We can remodel it and change it up,” Nick added.

Fall is the perfect time to address these projects because heat is still more of a preparation than a necessity yet.

The last two winters have been brutally cold, leaving people wanting to add more heat to their homes but maybe postponing it until the “next season.”

“We have heard of customers wearing hats and scarves in their homes. That’s not the ideal picture living in the cold environment we have,” Matt said. “It’s much more enjoyable to come home from work and have a toasty fireplace to sit around and be warm.”

The store’s offerings are lifetime products.

“The sooner you buy, the longer you can enjoy the benefits,” Nick said, “and the bigger bang for your buck.”

The zonal heat many of the products afford is more affordable than conventional heat in many instances.

“It is less expensive to zonally heat the room you are spending time in instead of turning up the thermostat and heating the whole house – the basement, the bedroom you aren’t in upstairs,” Matt explained.

But these features can also heat entire homes, not just a room. Their parents heat their home with a gas insert, and Nick uses a gas fireplace. Gas products have come a long way, they said.

“They are really realistic. Many times, you wouldn’t know it’s not a wood fire,” Matt said.

More than simply warmth, fire is also about ambiance.

“We create an experience with our products,” Nick said. “There’s the benefit of staying warm, but fire is mesmerizing and draws people in. A fireplace is a great centerpiece of the home and can bring a family together, and that happens naturally without forcing it. People gravitate to the heat of the fire and want to stay together, watch TV together and play games rather than spreading out into the cooler areas of the home.”

Fireplaces have evolved, too, and are very artistic and decorative today. Some can fit into a wall, much like an aquarium, and there are even three-sided fireplaces, maximizing the view.

The store’s pricing is competitive, with products starting at entry pricing points and moving up to the more high-end, but they stand behind them all.

“We have something for everybody. Even with our entry-point products, we don’t skimp on quality. Customers can expect to enjoy them for many, many years,” Matt said.

Fall is a great time for a fire pit or grill for tailgating or clambakes. Hot tubs are another hot item this time of year.

“We have wood and gas pits, we still have grills in stock, the Big Green Egg,” he said. “A lot of people like using their hot tub more in the winter and fall than in the spring and summer, myself included. It’s a nice way to be outside and relax when it may be too cold to be outside.”

Safety first

Several stores sell fireplaces, grills, patio furniture and spas, but what sets Country Stove apart from the rest is its knowledgeable staff.

They’ve seen it all over the past 34 years, and they undergo certification and yearly continuing education to stay well-informed on their products.

“We service all the products we sell and have our own installers that work for us. We don’t subcontract. All of our sales people, service technicians and installers go through the certification process through The National Fireplace Institute. We know our products through background and certification. Our lead installer has been with us 16 years. Dominic has been here 34 years. Between everybody, there is very little we haven’t seen or done or experienced,” Matt said.

His brother seconds that.

This is the store’s third location, all three times staying within North Royalton. Country Stove Patio and Spa is vested in the community and plans to stay put for the long haul.

“Our attention to detail, everything we do is very thorough because we want to ensure every installation is a safe installation,” Nick said. “We are full service, family owned and operated, are second generation and plan on being here another 35 years, easily. We see ourselves as being part of the community long term. We grew up at the store. Our first memories are here. We want to continue our family’s legacy.”

The store is located at 6669 Royalton Road in North Royalton. For more information about the store and its products, visit

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Home Is Where The Hearth Is