Lopi Revere Wood Stove Insert

Lopi Revere Wood Fireplace Insert

Lopi Revere Wood Fireplace InsertLopi Revere Wood Fireplace Insert

The Revere is an excellent source of heat for a medium sized home or room looking for a more efficient way to heat than an open fireplace. The large, clean burning firebox lets you enjoy heating with wood without polluting the environment. Burn one load of wood for up to 10 hours in this insert designed to heat up to 2,000 sq. feet. It’s 10” x 24” radiant cooking surface is bigger than any other medium insert, and also has one of the largest and cleanest burning fireboxes of any mid sized insert. The┬áLopi Revere Wood Fireplace Insert can take logs crosswise or lengthwise for greater capacity and longer burn times. The Revere is the only insert of its size to use a by pass damper for easy fire startup and smoke free reloading. This insert is the largest extended wood burning insert approved for zero clearance fireplace installations.

Options: Door, Ashlip Trim and Door handle in Black, Brass or Pewter Finish, Finish Panels, Convection Fan, Etched Elk Glass, and Firescreen.


  • Heating Capacity: 1,200 to 2,000 Sw. Feet
  • Steady State Efficiency: 75+%
  • Weight: 380 Lbs.
  • Heat Output: 72,400 BTU’s/Hour
  • Maximum Burn Time: 10 Hours
  • Firebox Size: 2.2 Cubic Feet
  • Maximum Log Size: 18”
  • Emissions: 1.9 Grams Per Hour
  • Construction: 5/16” to 3/16” Steel Plate

Lopi Revere Wood Fireplace Insert – Cleveland, OH