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Lopi Wood Stoves

Lopi Wood Stoves –¬†Cleveland, Ohio Wood Burning Stoves

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We Build The Finest Wood Stoves On The Planet.

Lopi Wood Stoves - Cape Cod
Lopi Cape Cod Wood Stove

No other wood burning stove can surpass Lopi’s performance or quality. It takes the best engineers and craftsmen to make the best stoves and we’ve got them. Our new Lopi wood stoves feature true unibody construction. Lopi uses a 600 ton press to form and bend the metal eliminating unsightly welds and increasing strength. The Lopi door is durable and a work of art. The heavy duty door is held in place with cold rolled steel hinges punched through the firebox and welded on the inside to hold the door straight. The hinge pins that hold the door are 5/8” bridge rivets. Your stove also has a six inch, seamless, heavy duty steel flue collar and heavy gauge 5/16” & 3/16” steel construction. When you buy a Lopi, you’re buying the finest. We guarantee it.

The patented Bi Pass Damper makes the Lopi Wood Stove the most user friendly wood stove in the industry. The bi pass damper allows you to engage and disengage the secondary re-burn system. On initial start up, disengage the re-burn system to allow a clear path for smoke to draft up your chimney. Once your Lopi has a substantial fire burning, engage the secondary re-burn system to burn the gases that create smoke with super heated air. This allows you to reach the maximum efficiencies from every piece of wood. When you are ready to re-load your Lopi Wood Stove, disengage the secondary re-burn system before you open the door to force all of the smoke up your chimney instead of into your home. The bi-pass damper system is the easiest way to maintain a warm and inviting fire in your wood stove all day and all night. So simple the entire family can build a fire and keep your wood stove at maximum heat output.

Lopi wood stoves use real kiln-fired, refractory firebrick in the firebox and baffle. This is the same material used to line commercial boilers and furnaces. The brick protects the steel while increasing the internal temperature within the firebox.

Our single air control is easier to fine tune to your heating needs by regulating both primary and secondary air to the stove. The control is spring loaded to insure an engineered seal to the bottom of the firebox. The result is a sealed air-control which will not allow any additional air into the firebox.

The Lopi Wood Stove air wash system is second to none, keeping your large viewing area cleaner and soot free allowing you to enjoy the intense wood fire. The air wash system puts out a blanket of air over the glass to prevent smoke build up and maximizing your viewing pleasure.

Cast iron frame glass retainer insures a permanent air tight seal around the glass. The cast iron frame fits an inch deep inside the door, so the door will never warp or flex. The frame also protects the glass gaskets from direct contact with the fire.

The optional solid brass door will last for life (unlike the micro-thin gold plating common to many other stove brands). Pewter plated doors are also available on all stoves and inserts.

Lopi Wood Stoves –¬†Cleveland, Ohio Wood Burning Stoves

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