Napolean Grills – Northeast Ohio

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Napolean Grills now available at Country Stove Patio & Spa in North Royalton! Shop our wide selection of premium Napolean Grills and Napolean Accessories. In stock and ready for you to grill today! Join one of the most award winning lines of BBQ grills on the market. Many grill options available. Choose from portable grill models and built in grill models. Side burners, rotisseries, side shelves, and light packages available on grills.


Imagine cooking an entire meal on just one Napolean Gas Grill. Sear quickly with a side burner or just over the main burners. Or use the side burner to prepare sauces and sauté while grilling on the main burners. Use the unique lid and hood design to hold in heat for oven-like performance, roasting or even baking things like cakes and cookies which will save on cooling costs in the summer. Using that awesome lid design that holds in heat, you can even turn your Napolean Grill into a smoker grill. Simply fill a Smoker Tube with wood chips and place it over a lit burner. Imagine the flavor of charcoal grilling on a gas grill. You don’t need a huge double purpose grill for that. With the Charcoal Smoker Tray, you can light charcoal quickly with your gas burners and be grilling over charcoal in no time. And don’t forget a rear burner that can pump out 18,000 BTU’s. With a heavy duty rotisserie kit, you can rotisserie beautiful meals with restaurant quality results.


Lift the lid on your new Napolean Gas Grill. The double walled design contains the heat produced by the stainless steel burners making for an oven-like experience. Roast a prime rib on the grill instead of in the oven, or bake a cake or cookies instead. Fantastic in the heat of summer. Inside the grill you will find Napoleon’s uniquely shaped stainless steel WAVE™ rod grids. Under that you will find the stainless steel sear plates. They spread the heat evenly throughout the grill and vaporize the grease from your food producing the amazing grilled flavor that you love. Under the sear plates and the burners is the full width tapered grease pan that is completely removable for easy cleaning.

You will also find the highly efficient ceramic infrared rear burner under the hood of the Napolean Gas Grill. Infrared burners work when gas is forced through the ports in the ceramic where it will burn on the surface. The heat is absorbed by the ceramic and it begins to glow. That red glow is infrared heat that will seal in the juices on that perfect steak or roast. Don’t worry about losing heat when you open the lid to check on that food. Napoleon’s Gas Grills have a hood that protects the sides and back of the grill preventing excessive heat loss.

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