Oriflamme Fire Tables – Designing Fire

Oriflamme Fire Tables – Designing Fire

Discover the Original Designed Fire

Crafted with quality and care in the USA, the Oriflamme Fire Table is the premier gas fire table in the marketplace with its height, uniquely designed burners, customization and functionality.

Created by an artisan who sought to capture and share the “essence” of fire, the unique and innovative Oriflamme Fire Table offers the original designed fire. The Oriflamme Fire Table will be a centerpiece for conversation or contemplation and ¬†enhance your outdoor environment and experience.

Each Oriflamme Fire Table is designed by the customer who chooses a table top, burner design and fire glass to match their personal style and decor. The finished product becomes a beautiful centerpiece for any outdoor space.

What Makes Oriflamme Fire Tables Unique?

The Oriflamme Fire Table is a uniquely designed fire table for an exceptional outdoor experience. The patent pending design creates a smokeless flame that dances and provides adjustable warmth. Your Oriflamme Fire Table can also be customized with granite, tuscan travertine stone or hammered copper tops, different colored fire glass and round, square or hexagonal shaped tops.

Explore Our Collection

Browse through our online showroom to see the latest in product development from Designing Fire. We continue to expand our product line to include distinctive table top shapes, burner designs and a variety of fire glass colors all hand crafted in the USA. Enjoy the ambiance, warmth and fascination of fire with your own Oriflamme Fire Table!

Oriflamme Fire Tables – Designing Fire Specifications

  • Heat source up to 65,000 BTU
  • Burn time lasts on average 18-22 hours.
  • Continuous bur times last 10-22 hours depending on outside temperature and flame height.
  • Adjustable flame height for warmth or ambiance.
  • Natural gas component kit available.
  • Portable.
  • Easy assembly (no tools required).
  • All table components are interchangeable.
  • Hoses available for larger remote propane tanks.

All Tables Include

  • Table Top
  • Burner
  • Fire Glass
  • 20 Lb Propane Tank
  • Protective Lid
  • Burner Puller

Oriflamme Fire Tables – Designing Fire