PDC Spas Hot Tubs

PDC Spas Hot Tubs

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PDC Spas Hot Tubs

Lay down the phone, turnoff the TV and take a few moments just for you. Step in and settle back, let the warmth surround you. Relax, as the stress and tension of the day fade away. Feel the massaging hot water action work its way deep into your tight muscles, freeing your body and mind of the demanding pressures of routine life. Centuries ago, ancient Romans realized the natural effects of soaking in warm water. That practice is what has come to be known today as hydrotherapy. PDC Spas hot tubs have taken the modern day approach and made it an art of delivering the most effective hydrotherapy massage known. Our strategically positioned jets, ergonomic seating designs and efficient heating systems combine with the basic therapeutic principles to provide the ultimate place for routine relaxation and healing.

Hydrotherapy; the combination of heat, buoyancy and massage is delivered flawlessly in PDC Spas hot tubs. The efficient operation warms the circulating water to dilate blood vessels while increasing blood flow to tight, tender body parts. The powerful jetting configurations massage joints and muscles while the natural buoyancy of water lowers the body weight, reducing pressure on joints and muscles. Hydrotherapy is know to relieve headaches as a result of muscle tension, reduce minor aches from strenuous exercise, stimulate and soothe deep muscle tissue to reduce swelling, effectively treat arthritis symptoms and relax the body for a calmer, deeper, more restful sleep.

A PDC Spas hot tub is like a vacation at home, always warm and ready for your relaxation. Your hot tub is ready whenever you may choose; day or night, everyday and every season, for years on end. And, the best part of owning a hot tub is that you never have to leave your home, Isn’t it time you said “no” to stress and “yes” to a healthier, more relaxing lifestyle?

PDC Spas: Effective Hot Tub Medical Therapy

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PDC Spas Hot Tubs

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