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Premium Grade Ceramics

Primo ceramic grills are composed of a proprietary blend of natural materials to make the highest grade of ceramics available for superior heat and moisture retention. Combined with quality control production processes and an unmatched firing temperature, our ceramics are significantly more efficient than other ceramic grills. Use less fuel, reach your desired temperature faster and reduce your cooking time with Primo.

Exceptional Temperature Control

Cook as low as 150 degrees F to smoke a salmon or to well over 850 degrees F for sizzling ribeyes. Or cook ” low and slow’ for multiple hours to enjoy a succulent leg of lamb or tender pulled pork.

Lights Easily & Heats Quickly

You can be ready to cook in as little as 15 minutes; the same time it takes to preheat a gas grill. Another great feature of natural lump charcoal is that it can be relit for multiple cookings.

Low Maintenance & Self Cleaning

Primo ceramic grills practically take care of themselves. Periodic inspections ensure that your grill will perform and look great for years. Our grills also work like a self cleaning oven.

Weather Resistant

Primo ceramic grills are made to live outdoors. Our premium grade ceramics, glazes and hardware are made to withstand extreme climates. Depend on Primo ceramic grills wherever you live.

Amazing Flavor

The combination of our premium grade ceramics and natural lump charcoal creates amazingly juicy food with true charcoal flavor. The ceramic shell helps food retain its natural moisture, unlike metal grills that pull the moisture out.