Big Green Egg BBQ Meat Claws

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  • Easily remove and handle large roasts, turkeys and chickens.
  • Shred beef briskets and pork butts into pieces.
  • Set of 2.
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Big Green Egg BBQ Meat Claws

Call for Pricing and In Stock

Big Green Egg BBQ Meat Claws are designed for easy handling and shredding of large pieces of meat including roasts, turkey, chicken and pork. Expertly shred a smoked pork butt into pulled pork sandwiches with ease for professional chef results. Great for pulled chicken to make soups and chilis. The Big Green Egg BBQ Meat Claws are made from professional grade stainless steel with comfortable soft grip green handles. Comes as a set of 2.

Have you ever seen a bear attack a small animal? Ok, I haven’t either. But if I had to imagine how a bear attack would go down, I am going to assume that those big paws help the bear make his dinner. It’s kind of a shame that Wolverine and Freddie Kruger are the only two “humans” that have the ability to slice and shred on demand. I would not turn down that ability if I had the chance. But I digress. Big Green Egg has once again expanded your barbecue tool belt and given you the power of a savage animal with the Big Green Egg BBQ Meat Claws. Using two baby forks to pull and shred your meat just looks ridiculous next to the full power of the barbecue meat claws.

The best part is that the meat claws are multi functional. How many times have you tried to take an 8 pound pork shoulder off your Big Green Egg and on to your prep table with no good way to do it? Again, I’ve tried to use two baby forks to balance 8 pounds of juicy meat above my deck floor. If you have ever dropped your 10 hour, low and slow barbecue you understand how sick you feel afterwords. The Big Green Egg BBQ Meat Claws allow you to get a good hold on the meat and cradle even the most tender barbecue on your way to the kitchen.

If nothing else, the barbecue meat claws will make you look just that much more bad ass even while wearing that apron.

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Big Green Egg BBQ Meat Claws