Big Pig Trailer Rig


Okay, this one’s not for everybody. But if you want a movable feast, this is the grill for you. Whole hog, anyone? This big guy has WiFi Smart Control too!

*Assembly Required

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Big Pig Trailer Rig Pellet Grill

Whether you do catering, competition barbecuing, or just throw huge parties, this is the rig for you. Temperature adjusts from 150-500°F for long slow cooks, roasting, baking or grilling. Ideal for whole hog, 25 briskets, 150 steaks, 65 chickens, 25 pork butts, 200 hamburgers. Hydraulic Openers for easy open and close. 400lb Pellet Hopper.

Additional information

Weight 1200 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 in


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