Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grills


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Celebrating Broilmaster Gas Grills' 5oth Anniversary!
Celebrating Broilmaster Gas Grills’ 5oth Anniversary!

Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grills

Broilmaster Grills P3 P4 P3SS 2014 Torch Award

Brand New 2017 Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grills come with Flavor Buster Flavor Enhancers in either propane or natural gas (from the drop down menu). Included with the P3SX grill head is a PCB1 Stainless Steel Cart with injection molded base and removable casters. Also included are 1 FKBlack, black solid surface Drop Down Front Shelf with stainless steel brackets and 2 cupholders, and 1 SKFB2 Black Solid surface Drop Down Side Shelf with stainless steel brackets and 2 cup holders.

Free Shipping on your Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grills!


  • P3SX Cast Aluminum Grill Head.
  • Comes in Propane or Natural Gas.
  • 2-Piece Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grid that adjusts to 3 levels.
  • Stainless Steel Bowtie Burner – 45,000 BTU.
  • Electronic Ignition.
  • Stainless Steel Folding Retract-A-Rack
  • Stainless Steel Adjustable Lid Stop.
  • Stainless Steel Heat Shield and Control Panel.

Also Included with the Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grills:

  • Flare Buster Flavor Enhancers.
  • Stainless Steel Griddle.
  • Stainless Steel Smoker Shutter.
  • PCB1 Stainless Steel Cart.
  • FKBlack Drop Down Front Shelf.
  • SFKB2 Drop Down Side Shelf.
  • Free Shipping.

The Premium Broilmaster “P” Series grill with the “3” sized head offers 695 square inches of grilling surface. The Broilmaster P3X dual stainless steel bow tie burners disperse flames evenly for 45,000 Btu of cooking power. The Broilmaster P3X Premium Gas Grill features an adjustable three level cooking grids for grilling, baking, and warming at the same time. Select the option for propane or natural gas depending on your personal preference. Broilmaster offers a lifetime warranty (see below for details). Broilmaster P3X Premium Gas Grills are American made with quality parts and industry leading manufacturing.

  • Broilmaster gas grills ship in 1-2 days.
  • Assembly Required.

For natural gas grills, be sure to order Broilmaster Natural Gas Hose Quick Connect

Broilmaster Gas Grill Buyer Tip!

When you buy a Broilmaster Gas Grill from us, you are getting the current 2017 model . Most online discount stores that have no brick and mortar store have older models only.  

 Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grills  Standard Features:

Broilmaster P3SX Cast Aluminum Grill Body

    • Uniform thickness retains and distributes heat evenly.
    • Lifetime Warranty.

Broilmaster Cast Iron Cooking Grids

    • Essential for Infrared.
    • Now available for all grills.
    • 2-piece Stainless Steel Rod Grid.

Broilmaster Signature Bowtie Burner

    • Perfect for grilling or indirect cooking.
    • Engineered to distribute heat uniformly.
    • Stainless steel resists corrosion.
    • Lifetime Warranty.

Electronic Ignitor

    • Push button starting.
    • Battery powered, no household electricity required.

Dual Rotary Control

    • Precise, infinite settings from high to low.
    • Separate left and right control for cooking different foods at the same time.

Stainless Steel Handle

    • Large diameter handle stands up to weather and heavy use.
    • Insulated hand grip.
    • Lifetime Warranty.

Built-In Temperature Gauge

    • Factory calibrated for precise, consistent cooking.

Warming Racks

    • Increases cooking space up to 50%.
    • Use for grilling, baking and warming.

Adjustable Lid Stop

    • 3-position handle.
    • Control heat and smoke for precise cooking.

Broilmaster’s Lifetime Warranty

  • Aluminum Grill Housing (except paint).
  • Cast Stainless Steel Cooking Grids.
  • Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grids.
  • Stainless Steel – Cart, Mounting, Bowtie Burner, T3 Burner, Warming Rack.

Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grills

Choose Wisely, Accessorize Well. All Broilmaster P3SX Grill Heads feature the stainless steel bowtie burner that delivers 45,000 Btu of uniform heat and stainless steel rod grids. The P3SX offers 695 square inches of total cooking area. You choose the model and options to suit your cooking budget and style. Available in propane or natural gas.

Broilmaster P3SX Super Premium Gas Grills


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“This grill is built like a tank. I have had mine for 15 plus years. I will never have to buy another grill again.”

Doug from Cleveland,Ohio

“This Broilmaster gas grill is so well made and cooks food well that I ended up buying my son one as a gift.”

Kurt From Cleveland, Ohio

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