Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express Seasoning


  • Blend of coffee, aromatic spices, herbs and chilies.
  • Perfect for beef, pork, lamb, seafood or game.
  • All natural. No MSG. Made in U.S.A.


Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express Seasoning

Our coffee infused Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express seasoning packs quite a bit of pepper, but coffee ads the enticing malty flavor and an incredible aroma to this rich and unique rub. You won’t find anything else out there like Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express seasoning. Best on beef, lamb, pork and wild game. New uses are being discovered every day, including swordfish, zucchini, chicken and shrimp. it’s also a great flavor chili and sausage making.

While dizzy pig red eye express seasoning has quite a bit of pepper, coffee is the theme, Aromatic spices, herbs and a variety of chilies round out the final result… a rich rub that works nicely with beef, lamb, poultry and pork.

Our rubs are custom ground and hand mixed using the freshest whole spices, herbs and all natural ingredients. Coffee, fresh black peppercorns and fennel seeds are a few unique touches to Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express.

Liberally apply dizzy pig red eye express to beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood or game.. The amount of rub used will determine the depth of the crust. Allow the flavors to meld for at least 10 minutes, then grill, smoke, bake, rotisserie or roast until meat is done and the rub has created an appealing and taste tempting exterior. Dizzy Pig rubs are as good in the kitchen as on the grill. Enjoy, and ‘Get Spun’!

Gluten-Free. No MSG. Made in the U.S.A.

Lamb, Wild game, Beef, Pork, Sausage. A rich mix that offers a parade of flavors and aromas. An exciting blend of spices herbs and chilies is rounded out with the malty flavor of fresh ground coffee.

Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express Seasoning

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Spices, Turbinado Sugar, Salt, Coffee, Paprika and Garlic. We do not add anti-caking agents. Tapping bottle on the counter solves most clumping issues. For difficult caking, break up/refreshen in a bowl or small grinder.