FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant


  • Smothers chimney fires.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Has an indefinite shelf life.
  • Made by Meeco Mfg.
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FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant

FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant The FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant is the fireman’s friend. It smothers chimney fires safely and quickly.

The first thing to do when you suspect you have a chimney fire is call the fire department. The second thing you should to is to throw FireEx into your fireplace or stove. FireEx Fire Suppressant gives you a jump on the battle against these dangerous fires. No fireplace accessory kit is complete without FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant and since it has an indefinite shelf life, there’s no risk the product will go bad. It will always be ready when you need it most.

Stops Chimney Fires Quickly.

Have FireEx on hand to protect your family and home from a tragedy. You don’t want to be wishing you had FireEx when you need it most.

FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in
First Response

Call Fire Department Immediately!

Directions for a Wood-Burning Stove

Drop Plastic Pouch IMMEDIATELY into stove directly on top of the fire. Close doors and all intake vents.

Directions for a Fireplace

Drop plastic pouch IMMEDIATELY into fireplace directly on top of the fire. Reduce draft as much as possible by closing glass doors or covering fireplace opening with non-flammable material.

General Directions

Due to internal differences in chimneys and stoves, some larger flues may require two or more units burning simultaneously to suppress the fire. Do not open sealed pouch. Keep out of reach of children.


Avoid direct contract with fumes. Burning generates zinc oxide fumes. Evacuate building immediately after application of FireEx. Remain in a safe area and await directions from emergency response personnel. Harmful if swallowed. Do not induce vomiting. Contact physician immediately.


This device is not approved or permissible for use in any building or motor vehicle where fire extinguishers are required by law, ordinance, or fire marshal's regulations.