Leather Fireplace Gloves


  • Extra Heavy Duty Insulation.
  • Extra protection in palm and fingertips.
  • 100% split cowhide.
  • Reinforced seams.
  • Hanging loop.


Leather Fireplace Gloves
Leather Fireplace Gloves

Leather Fireplace Gloves

These 14 inch long fireplace gloves supply heavy duty insulation to protect your hands from the high temperatures produced by your fireplace, fireplace insert, wood stove, wood stove insert, or camp fire.

Don’t make the mistake of not using gloves when loading and tending to your wood fire. With temperatures upwards of 500 degrees, it only takes a few extra seconds to burn your hands. Protect your wrists and arms from bumping into the hot stove while loading. Deep burns are extremely painful and take weeks to heal. Protect yourself and your loved ones while handling your fireplace, wood stove or fireplace insert.

These durable gloves are made of 100% split cowhide with reinforced seams.

Leather Fireplace Gloves

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 x 6 x 1 in

Black suede with red suede piping.