Majestic and Vermont Casting Replacement FK12 Fireplace Blower


  • 130 CFM.
  • 50 Watts.
  • Made in Canada.
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The Majestic and Vermont Casting replacement FK12 fireplace blower by ROTOM™ generates 130 CFM of airflow. The Majestic and Vermont Casting Replacement FK12 Fireplace Blower by ROTOM™ comes with an attached cord and three prong plug.  Moves up to 130 CFM of air and runs off 50 watts of power.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12.9 × 4.3 × 3.6 in
Compatible with:

Majestic FK12, 20000232, 33BDVR, 36BDVR, 39BDVR, 43BDVR, 33BDVR CE, 36BDVR CE, 39BDVR CE, 43BDVR CE, 33BDVT, 36BDVT, BDVT39, BDVT43, 360DVS, JB-2,LHEC20, LHEC30, LHECDV20, LHECDV30, BHDR36, BL-1, BL-4, BC36MH, DV360, DV580, DVBR, DVR33, DVRT36, DVRT39, DVRT43, DVRT41, DVRTSB, NV360, NV580, NVB, NVBC36, NBVC42, NVC, RFS22, RFS32, RFS42, RFSDV22,RFSDV32, RFSDV42, RFSDV24, RFSDV34, RFSUV34SC42, SR, SC36, SC42, SR, SC, TL36, TL42, TL36I, TL42I, UV33C, UVBC33, UVBC36, UVBC42, UVBCN36, UVDC36, UVDR36, UVDC42, UVDR42, UVDR42C, DVR33, DCRS3, DVRSL,DVRSR, UVSRC36A, UVSRC42A, BR, BC, BC36, BC42, BC36I, RHE25, RHE32, RHE42, RHEDV25, RHEDV32, RHEDV42, RUVS32, UVS33, UVS36 HB-RB12