Vermont Castings BBQ Gas Grills

Convection Style Cooking

  • Exclusive Cast Iron End Caps and Extra Deep FireBox help maintain heat to lock in flavors and keep food amazingly moist.

Safe and Easy Ignition

  • Our EasyFlame Ignition System uses a single source to ignite every burner, so each one lights safely and consistently the first time.

Prevent Flare Ups

  • Signature Sear Plates redirect grease and juices away from flames distributing heat evenly across the entire cooking surface for optimal temperature control.

More Even Cooking

  • Cast Iron, Porcelain-Coated Grates redistribute heat for more even cooking, consistent temperatures and restaurant style sear marks. Plus, they are easy to clean and rust resistant.

Easy To See Controls

  • The beautiful LED Display brightly illuminates the controls, making it easy to grill at any time.

Top Grade Stainless Steel Construction

  • Quality 300 Series True Stainless Steel resists rust better than grills made with lower 400 Series grades.

Vermont Castings BBQ Gas Grills

Bake It

For results similar to baking in an oven, light one side of the grill, placing food on the other side. Best for grilling foods like poultry, veggies or breads. The exclusive cast iron end caps on all Vermont Castings bbq gas grills help seal in the heat for convection style cooking!

Smoke It

For that unforgettable smoky flavor, use our smoker box and the indirect cooking method to add flavor to fish, steak, ribs, chicken and more!

Sear It

For steaks, meats or vegetables, use all burners, placing the food directly above the flame to achieve those beautiful, restaurant style sear marks. The sear plates on Vermont Castings bbq gas grills are specially designed to prevent flare-ups that could char food while searing at high temperatures. They re-direct grease and juices away from the flames for optimal results.

Turn It

To seal in juices and flavor, use the rotisserie to slow cook large cuts of meat like roasts, poultry or legs of lamb. The food will self-base as it turns for succulent results. Vermont Castings BBQ Gas Grills rotisserie burner is located in the back, helping to prevent flare-ups and produce delicious results. The hexagon rod is more robust, easily handling everything from large turkeys to veggies.

Vermont Castings BBQ Gas Grills