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Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplaces are the quintessential heart of any home. The fireplace is the centerpiece of your living space providing the perfect backdrop for your family to gather around. Ages ago, the fireplace was a homes only source of heat. Today fireplaces are used to add ambiance and add supplemental heat to your largest living spaces. A wood burning fireplace provides character and beauty to your brand new home or home remodel.

Wood burning fireplaces come in many sizes and designs. Depending on the scale of your room, there are various opening sizes available. The most popular opening widths are 36″, 42″ and 50″. Opening heights can vary from 20″ to 30″ tall. Wood burning fireplaces can be either circulating or non-circulating units. Circulating fireplaces will have a top and bottom louver system on the facing. Non-circulating fireplaces will not have a top or bottom louver system on the facing. Circulating fireplaces can have finish material brought down to the top of the louver system, while non-circulating fireplaces can have finish material brought to the edge of the fireplace opening.

Wood burning fireplaces can also be converted to burn gas logs. The most popular style of gas logs are vented gas logs to give the realistic look of a wood-burning fireplace. Vented gas logs provide similar heat and ambiance to that of a wood burning fireplace, but with the modern convenience of turning on and off the gas to the gas logs.